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January 26, 2012

Pails of Romantic Fleurs & Delightful Nature

Hello friends,

I've been working on new, loved projects for My Petite Maison and celebrating my birthday with family.  What have you been up to? 

Arm loads of fleurs, my desk at window
 Yes... you see my new "Prairie Chair", inspired by Fifi, of course.   It's loved and worn.  I've had so many searches for Prairie Chairs (and bistro chairs) coming to my blog and store so I've decided to call my new find Prairie Chair at My Petite Maison.

I am in love with the flowers my husband gave me for my birthday.  See them below? 

This year, he simply gave me bunches and bunches of roses from our local grocer and I placed them in my French pails and old antique bottles.  I love the hues of white and the tinge of very light green color against each other that mix in with the natural colors and pastels in our home.

Antique parfum bottle from France, old Chanel charms

As you can see, I took loads of photos.  I love making vignettes all over the house.

Bits et Pieces.. especially our daughter's Mother of Pearl teething ring & my Dad's bible when he was in US service

Also, one day I was really just listening to the quiet and had the doves on my mind that wake me up each morning.  We're blessed to have doves nest in our huge pine each year and their cooing is just lovely and calming, it really brings a sense of peace.



So pretty...

I'd like to say thank you to everyone that entered the magazine giveaway of Romantic Country Magazine featuring our Wine Country home and antique goods from My Petite Maison, the boutique.  And a very special thank you to all my old friends and the new ones I've met that have supported me so very kindly.  My heart has been touched ~ Thank YOU.

 Part of our feature in Romantic Country Magazine showcasing our romantic 
flea market finds and Wine Country cottage.  Spring, 2012.
Styled by Fifi O'Neill with Photography by Mark Lohman

Now, for the giveaway:  The 2 names our daughter picked out of my French country hat are Barbara Jean & Sheila.

Please send me your info and I'll send them out to you.

I'm starting to stock a few new (very old) things in the boutique and am hoping to get more in maybe over the next couple of weeks.  I have a huge project I'm working on next week and can't wait to share with you soon.... very, very excited!

See you soon...

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My Shabby Streamside Studio said...

HAPPY Birthday, dear Tracie! May all your dreams come true this year.



Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Happy Birthday Tracie!
I love how you arranged your roses...
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!
Laura :)

kerrie of sea cottage said...

happy birthday and congratulations. Your feature in the mag is gorgeous!!! We have doves cueing in our redwoods daily too. I just love listening to them. It is a calm comfort for me as well. So glad you are well dear friend. ox

kathee said...

Happy Birthday Tracie!!! love all that you are very blessed my friend...xxook

Barbara Jean said...

eeek!! Barbara Jean.... that's me!! I even clicked the link to make sure it was not another Barbara Jean!!
and it was me!!!!

I am so excited to get this magazine!!

Thank thank thank you!!

and happy birthday!!

barbara jean (that's me!) =)))

s'Shabbyhus said...

Dear Tracie
I am a fan of your blog. The pictures and the styling are so beautiful. All the time! But first of all i wish you all the best of your birthday and may all your dreams comes true.And thank you for the nice Idees and inspirations you give on your blog, all the best and love Barbara from Switzerland

rebecca said...

Belated HaPPy BirThDaY...The roses are SIMPLY beautiful.

I have exhausted myself looking for the Prairie Chair. What am I missing?

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Tracie! How have you been? I still have my little lavender bottle sitting pretty in my bathroom! Have a great weekend, Anita

Shabbyfufu said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend....I'm still waiting to see more of that chair!

Anne said...

Happy Birthday.What lovely Roses.Hope you have a wonderful Birthday celebration.

Mar said...

What a beautiful post,Tracie. I hope your birthday was a special one, and how could it not be? All those lovely fleurs from your sweet hubby. A regular rosapalooza!I must agree with Janet...would love to take a peek at your Prarie chair a la My Petite Maison.
Happy day, dear heart! xxoo

Mariagrazia Bosi said...

.. roses.. roses...roses !!
We love it !!!! :)
nice blog !

A Cottage Muse said...

Happy Birthday Tracie!
Your flowers are so soft and pretty!

Amber said...

Love your blog Tracie! Very inspiring!

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! I love your roses in all the shades of white, and there are tons of them, how heavenly! Where is this prairie chair? i want to see it! And, you are very blessed to have the beautiful doves cooing nearby... what a wonderful sound to hear during the morning!


Claudia said...

happy birthday, sweet Tracie!

Mourning doves are maybe my favorite birds. So gentle, so sweet.


Susan said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Tracie! I'm sure those gorgeous flowers put a smile on your face.
I can't stop ogling over your home feature in the Spring 2012 RC magazine. I just love your style, patina, colors and antique treasures. That Santos doll is amazing!
Thank you for the inspiration,

Bleudelavande said...

Happy Birthday dear Tracie!!!! Those flowers for you are amazing!!!!!!
Big big hugs

White Door Cream Puff said...

Tracie - may your birthday and entire year be filled with wonderful-Ness since you yourself are wonderful :) And God bless with a happy weekend ox