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April 13, 2012

My Petite Maison Visits Lambert Bridge Winery

Happy Friday from My Petite Maison.  Friday the 13th to be exact.  ALWAYS the luckiest days for us at our Maison.  Long history of birthdays, good times on this day. I can't say enough of making each day YOUR own.  No superstitions, just make it great ~ savor it!

I want to take you on a road trip today.  A trip just about 10 minutes from our Maison, very fortunate for us here in our little town.

This started as a story for Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine, but I wanted to elaborate on the article I did for Angela for my readers.  

So, without further adieu, we're off to visit Lambert Bridge Winery in Sonoma County.   Believe it or not, all the photos were taken in February in 70 degree weather.  We really lucked out on the weather and the extremely nice people and animals met on our adventure. 

One of the Winery's beautiful vintage trucks 
filled with wooden wine barrels (above).

View from afar:  Winery and ridge
of magnificent trees.  

At times, it amazes me,
we live in this back yard of beauty, filled with
huge pines all around us, mountain scenes as far
as the eye can view; and to be honest, when the trees
end, the ocean begins... A place of real beauty.

  The entrance to dual Mugnaini pizza ovens,
 outdoor kitchen at Lambert Bridge Winery

Alright, I knew I was going to take a few photos
for the blog, but upon entering: A huge "sign"
for myself and my husband...

Beautiful Great Pyrenees, named Wiley, was lying on the
floor and quickly jumped up (and checked us out to make sure he approved) upon our entering the winery.  Thank you, Wiley for welcoming us... meant more than you know - kind dog.

To us, there is no other dog that steals our hearts faster or better than a Great Pyr will, our Zeke made sure of that. 

 We were also greeted by Bernadette.  This Saint Bernard is amazing.  The Great Pyrenees and St. Bernard were perfect together.  We would love to own both of these big-hearted dogs at the same time, but My Petite Maison is petite (but we do have three yards... think, think, think?!).

Look at all the wines in gorgeous wood treasure troves (below):
We also met a beautiful lab, so kind and put up with our chatting while on our visit and how much we loved ALL dogs and wine, too.

So, how good is this?  Beautiful dogs and delicious wines beneath the ridge of trees.

Tasting wines for our French picnic:
  We tasted Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay

They were all amazing wines.  Delicious, fresh and bright -  we couldn't wait to try our herbed cheese from France with
one of them.  Wish it could have been all, but we chose
the Sauvignon Blanc.  They were ALL excellent.

Beautiful Riedel Crystal Glasses and Lambert Bridge Sauvignon Blanc

 Massive fireplace and sparkling chandelier (see reflection in mirror above).  We truly feel it takes many visits to take the beauty of the Winery in and see/notice all the elements of style, taste and nature.

We entered the picnic grounds through the gazebo covered by vines, surrounded by fleurs and lots of gravel.  (You know from my garden posts, I feel you can never have enough gravel.)

Old (30 year-old) Wisteria vines surround the gazebo and winery.  

Through the gazebo, you see lavender and herbs that await our picnic adventures.  We are amazed since it's February and yet, every plant is well manicured and loved.  We truly cannot wait to go back in a few weeks and see everything in full bloom.

A closer look:  
The outdoor kitchen where pizza & gourmet food 
classes are held at Lambert Bridge Winery.

I took loads of my antique French
Terre de Fer faience plates and bowls
with us to the winery.  

We wanted to enjoy our picnic in style as the 
French do with superb plates, glasses and utensils too.
We didn't use our glasses, as the winery was
kind to loan us beautiful crystal glasses
for our picnic on the grounds.

Notice my vintage forks given to me by 
my grandmother?  A little scratched with time,
but well-loved by our family. Each scratch
means a lot to me, it's all in love of style.

  Again, the dual Mugnaini ovens

 The view from our pique-nique table.

A little bit of delicious food, wine
and sparkling water for all.

Antique platters
Baguettes et Macarons
from our town's small French Bakery

 Pressed figues and French black olives,
they are quite delicious.
  The smaller olives are from
our trees at My Petite Maison.
We are truly blessed to have a friend
that cures them for us... our five little trees.

 A beautiful French patisserie box filled with Princess Cake from Costeaux a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and an orzo dish I made for the picnic.  

We purchased two bottles of wine.  One for our picnic 
and another for a special occasion to come soon. 

Hope you enjoyed our visit to the winery in Healdsburg, California.  Here's a link to the  website ~ 

Also, I promised to share a recipe with you this week. I decided to share the recipe from one of my favorite sites & the dish I made in the right hand corner of the photo (above).  It's Lemon Dill Baked Orzo with Gruyere.  Once you try it, you'll want to include it in all your picnics.  Let me know if you try it, I'd love to hear from you!

 Our view on the drive home... just 2 snaps from the window.

Beautiful drive too (And no worries, always a designated driver on our trips if there's wine involved).


Wanted to mention:  You may have noticed, I've had to take a break from listing new items in my store. My business here for local customers has taken off in the last couple months.  I hope to be able to list items again soon for my cherished friends and on-line clients.  Please be patient with me. Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful weekend. I have lots to do in the next couple weeks in my own garden too.  I've bought loads of plants and can't wait to share.

Oh, I've joined Instagram recently, look me up if you'd like... I'm TracieMyPetiteMaison !

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Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Tracie: You have taken us on a delightful outing. The Wine Country is fabulous. Were there many times while living in the Santa Cruz mountains. Am planning on putting gravel in my Secret Garden. Now that you have said it, I know it will be right..Happy Friday..Judy

Kris said...

Lovely images, Tracie and a great place for a picnic not to mention the beautiful table setting you displayed.

Glad you had a wonderful Friday the 13th! LOL Sometimes it's not a "black day at all. Husband's birthday is today and often falls on Friday the 13th. Never had a bit of bad luck!

Elizabeth Maxson said...

Thank you Tracie for stopping by...which led me to pop over which I love doing. I am so glad you took photo of the pups! My favorite - four-legged friends. The table setting was just beautiful - thanks for sharing. BTW - your Etsy store has some of the best French items I have seen...thanks for keeping it stocked. Will have to do some shopping soon. I am looking for a European bread box (white enamel) - a round one would be great with the handle. If you come across one, give me a holler.

Big hug
Elizabeth :-)

Blondie's Journal said...

I've always wanted to visit a winery...I lingered over each of your pictures! What a wonderful day, from the furry friends to the gorgeous picnic! You captured it all! Thanks so much, Tracie!


DEBBIE said...

Sweet Tracie...How much fun you must have had!!!! I'am in love..with the gorgeous dogs & gorgeous winery..I want to go so bad..thank you so much for taking us for a beautiful journey my friend..loved all of your French dinnerware & your grandma's forks are so beautiful:)
Lucky you for living so close to such beauty!
Deb:) xoxo

PURA VIDA said...

What beautiful, delicious fun!

Maria at said...

LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow.
If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
Have a great week.

LOVE Maria at

victoria said...

Tracie... I feel like I traveled with you on your trip... and sat and ate all your goodies with you also...thank you for such a lovely post.


Tutti Chic said...

I actually feel as if I was there! what a wonderful trip you have taken us on tracie~:) chris