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March 30, 2012

Weekend Plans at My Petite Maison

Happy (almost) weekend from here at My Petite Maison.

A few antique & vintage treasured pieces from My Petite Maison

We've made plans for this weekend to attend one of our favorite antique shows, Antiques by the Bay at Alameda Pointe.  The show is never a disappointment and looks out over San Francisco... Always gorgeous, inspiring views and loads of fun looking for vintage & antique treasures for my boutique, My Petite Maison.  Not to mention, Pizza Politana has a space there... they have amazing pizza.  Searching for antique & vintage treasures AND eating wood-fired pizza when hunger pangs hit?  I'm so there!

Antiques, Vintage & Full Bloom Roses at My Petite Maison

Another thing I'm greatly looking forward to this weekend:  Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine.  The Inaugural Edition will be released this Sunday, April 1.  I'm very pleased and proud to be a part of this edition.  Thank you, Angela, for allowing me to participate in this beautiful online magazine. 

I will share more later about my piece for the magazine.  But, working on the story and photos for the piece were pure joy for me, and I believe... MEANT to be.  When you see/read it, if you've followed here at my blog for a while, you will definitely know what I mean, it truly touched my heart, working on the article for The Parisienne Farmgirl Magazine.

Another thing we're working on is finding a place to store many boutique items, hoping to find just the right space for us sometime soon.  We're still online only but I've found myself happily searching for décor items that are on a large scale for my friends/clients here in Northern California.  Friends & clients that are able to pick up their goods, or in some cases, we've delivered.  

Exciting things happening!

Looking back in reflection... Vintage & Antique Pieces
 So, whatever you're doing... hope your weekend is filled with great things to do, or just being cozy at home.  

Again, it is what we make it.  Here's to a special weekend filled with lots of joy. That's what I'm planning come rain or shine!

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March 19, 2012


Happy brand new week from me and My Petite Maison.

I'm sharing my research project (my trying out something new here... a new dish, a new cookbook).   I'm making a dish from my friend, Fifi O'Neill's cookbook called The Romantic Prairie Cookbook.

Here it is, on my kitchen counter... ready to go.  It's a darling cookbook with nice stories and mouth-watering recipes.

To me, my kitchen needs to be in order and eye pleasing to me BEFORE the cooking begins, you too?

Since it's been raining and cold here, during the last week, I've decided to make one of the soups in the book.  The one I've made is Pumpkin Soup with Cilantro Oil (it's on page 28 of the cookbook).

The soup I made was fantastique! It contained pumpkin, coconut milk, curry powder, ginger and an onion.  I was happy to see that the soup called for water and not chicken broth since my husband's a vegetarian... Works perfect and delicious too!

I also made a platter of freshly cut cantaloupe and prosciutto (Prosciutto de Parma is the brand I used here).  Fifi's cookbook has a page devoted to prosciutto with fresh figues.  Since figues aren't in season, I chose to use melon instead and pair it with fresh limes and a little arugula for the taste of its peppery goodness to enjoy.

I have to admit, I cheated on the cilanto (coriander) oil, as we have our favorite brand, in our favorite tin brought back from Eze.  There's really nothing like it that's already prepared that I've tried EVER.  I'm sure the fresh in the cookbook is superb made from scratch.

I served a light, fruity sauvignon blanc wine from a local vineyard with our meal.  I love using different shapes and sizes of wine glasses to make it rustic and "picnic-y" for us.

We have a very small, Paris sized kitchen (I call it ;), so our door is usually open to let the beautiful, fresh air in and allow us to view our garden we've worked so hard on throughout the year.  I truly love the feel of outdoors inside always... even when it's raining.

Most of you have probably seen my little garden shack that's right outside our kitchen by now.  I am loving the vintage olive colanders from Italy.  I've placed an olive tree in one and fleurs in the other that drape over and cascade.  Love the look!


I can't wait to try more dishes from this book and to read the entire contents.  I will make the soup again, it's delicious and the subtle taste of coconut is always a favorite for me.

Vintage escargot dish from my grandmother

Our daughter is always throwing big, vintage Euro pillows on the floor and eating her meals that way.  Started as a little girl and continues on whenever she visits now that she has her own apartment.  Thought it was only fitting to throw down a pillow of my own and eat a delicious bowl of soup along with prosciutto and fresh melon and just kick back and relax with the gentle rain sounds outdoors and on our roof.

You can find Fifi's cookbook at

You can find a selection of fine, French vintage plates and bowls at my boutique and more items too.

Hope your week is special and you find something new to enjoy.  Maybe a new recipe for yourself and your family.

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Remembering Prairies and Native Americans

With all this talk of your prairies
From here in Northern California:


YOUR PRAIRIES, Ancestors, and SPIRITS...

March 17, 2012

The Bronson Pinchot Project - TiVo Alert

Happy weekend from me and My Petite Maison...

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know I've been singing the praises of really good programming on TV with the show, The Bronson Pinchot Project.  I first learned of the program while watching GMA (Good Morning America) watching a piece with Lara Spencer interviewing Bronson about his wonderful obsession with salvage, antiques and bringing abandoned buildings back to glorious life.

A few "finds" from my antiquing adventures  Lace • Zinc • French Mirror • French Chest

Here in Northern California, the show is on channel 204, the DIY network.  The show runs tonight at 7:30 pm showing a new program.  I've set a season pass for my TiVo and tomorrow, 3.18, there is a marathon of The Bronson Pinchot Project in case you want to get caught up like me.   It's amazing and inspiring, hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do.

I'll be back with my little research project that I spoke about earlier on my blog.  Ran into a space issue with my laptop but it's solved now.  Thank goodness, all's well again!

Have an amazing weekend, I'd love to hear what you think of the show.

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March 13, 2012

Quick Update

Happy Tuesday evening from me and My Petite Maison.

Just want to announce that the Flea Market Gardens Magazine and two petite, vintage pots from France are going to Sherry's home.  Congrats to you, Sherry!

This is a really quick post, as I have some research to do tonight, but did want to check in.  It's a rainy evening here and so cozy.  Even the candles are lit already here and I can hear the raindrops on our roof.

 I'll be sharing a special post tomorrow, something I've looked forward to for a while.

Happy night from here!

March 9, 2012

A Little Weekend Giveaway

From me and My Petite Maison.

Looking through my Garden Shack Window • Fleurs everywhere!

I finally got a moment to do a quick post.  Hooray, hooray because I got my taxes done.  I'm not a paperwork kind of person... I hate it.  But after it's done, it's wonderful now isn't it?  You like that too?  I want to rush around town and tell everyone how happy I am it's done!

Fleurs et Garden Straw Hat in My Garden Shack

On to the giveaway...  Just a little one over this weekend.  I'm giving away a copy of Flea Market Gardens Magazine (our gardens are featured in their annual issue, just in case you missed it).  It's a beautiful magazine and full of so many fantastic ideas for the garden and vintage lover too.

This is what the magazine looks like, in case you're wondering what you'll receive if your name is chosen.  Thank you Flea Market Gardens magazine for Featuring My Petite Maison.

Look at my front garden, it's covered with wild mustard every where.  Something Wine Country is known for... it grows under the vines in vineyards and is lovely.  It hasn't bloomed in my photos yet... but it's on its way now.

And since we're all longing for spring, I'll send off two vintage French pots I've collected over the years too.  There's truly nothing like them:  Years of patina and they're darling too!  I will be placing a few of them in the boutique too.

Little French Pots • Great Patina ~ Years of Wear

Just leave a comment here (you do need to follow my blog) and "like" My Petite Maison's Facebook page.

Bistro Ware Among Wild Mustard • Fleurs • French Cake Slices

I'm placing a few new (very old) things in my boutique today and tomorrow too.  One of them are the darling bistro stools shown above.  They are precious in the garden or in other rooms too.  

Organic pears • Terre de Fer Plate • French Bistro Stool • Wild Mustard

I took a photo in my bedroom too and I love the way the cute piece fits in with my style there as well, see:

French Bistro Stool

I'll announce the winner on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend!

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