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June 13, 2012

Flea Market Antiquing & an Introduction to Bechet

First of all, we are loving this time of year at My Petite Maison.  You?

Antique French Botanical Box with Leather Strap by My Petite Maison

I want to take some time to share a few photos from our past few weekends with you today.  We've been so busy with antique fairs, as I mentioned in my last post & attending some outstanding events here where we live and trying to get our garden ready to go for summer.  It's all good and we're blessed.

So much to do this time of year and embrace making special memories with family and friends.

Here's a little peek into our town's flea market a couple weeks ago.  We had such a great time talking to neighbors while on our way to the event.  Love that we're able to walk with the cart I take to all the markets.  It's really fun to see what our neighbors have found while we're walking back and forth home, then back to the market again and compare notes.   Again, this year, we went back three times.  That seems to be my lucky number for trips to the fair!

I thought the potting tables above were really a great idea.  There were quite a few different ones made with vintage materials.

At the center of it all... Our town gazebo, where a lot of musicians perform during the free concerts we've been attending and will continue to all summer.

As always, lots of antique French goods that speak to my heart to bring home to My Petite Maison (the home & the store).

Really beautiful goods brought to us by nice, talented antique dealers and best of all, friends that we hope to visit in their country of the Netherlands some time soon.  Who could pass up a lovely invitation like that?  Thank you for the invite, Marina & Mike!

Beautiful linen pieces from Europe.

Today, I also want to introduce you to the newest member of our My Petite Maison famille...

Sweet Bechet • Great Pyrenees from France
This is Bechet, our new puppy.  My Petite Maison has been quite lonely and we needed a dog to fill our hearts up a bit.

I do have to say, there will NEVER be another Zeke, but we know sweet Bechet will come into his own perfect place in our hearts for him.

We picked Bechet up on May 18th and think the world of his family.  We were able to meet his loving dad and uncle (his mom had to stay home w/her other pups).

Waiting for their place at the show! 
I walked up to hold Bechet and take him from his crate and was met with a head up and very slight "boof" from his uncle... "Are you sure you're supposed to be opening that puppy's crate?"

We can't say enough about the Great Pyr.  If you've even had one in your family or have known one, you truly KNOW what we mean.  Loving, loyal, calm and most of all ~ giving.

This was Bechet's very first moment with Pippi Rose

And the second...

Bechet et Pips

So, we're starting a new chapter here and happy for a chance to love someone fluffy again.

Bechet's uncle, Brody kissing him good-bye (for now).

Of course, he found a perfect spot right in front of our attic door.  The best cozy place in the house!

I also want to mention that I've stocked new antique goods of French-Nordic history to the boutique.  Here are just a few:

Antique bread cutting boards from France (with Bechet watching on... getting to know the ropes ;)

Antique Cooling Rack by My Petite Maison

Our Lady of Afrique by My Petite Maison

Thank you for visiting with us today and meeting our new Great Pyrenees.

Hope you're all doing fantastic and enjoying this time of year too! 
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