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July 24, 2012

Summer Concoction ~ Mara des Bois at My Petite Maison

A happy hello from My Petite Maison today. 

Since many of my days are filled working on the garden, garden shed and when possible (when it's not too hot), working on my computer on the porch.  I wanted to share a little refreshment with you today.  

A little bit of coolness & deliciousness that takes barely any time at all.

I was fortunate to find French berries, called Mara des Bois here at Shelton's, our local natural foods store on Sunday.  I wanted to share some very simple libations or as they're happily referred to here - concoctions, using the berries:

Mara des Bois Berries • Sofia • Vintage French Juice Glasses
 Sofia sparkling wine can be used... or Prosecco - Would you like sweet or dry sparkling wine?

Above, here's Sofia in darling cans with a pink straw attached to the can.  I like them just like this... Ready to place in our picnic basket and walk to town concerts.  

Mara des Bois and little sprigs of our special garden mint of taste for this year:

You will see the berries are not perfect, they're organic.  Delicious and free from pesticides.  You know, the way nature intended - all different, all beautiful in their own way.

Now, if you don't care to use sparkling wine, you could go with your favorite bottled, sparkling water.  This is my favorite sparkling water of the moment:  Voss

It's so good, big bubbles, crisp and the bottle keeps it crisp until the last little bit.  That usually doesn't happen with other waters - I love that about this water.  Are you able to tell... I like my sparkling water absolutely crisp?!  It's true.

So our berries are ready to slice thinly, along with some organic, fresh lime mint from our garden:

French Vintage Cutting Board • Mara des Bois • French Porcelain

Berries... Ready to slice - yum!

The best things in life are truly the simplest:  One tiny sprig of lime mint and Mara des Bois (in a vintage glass, of course):

 I love how it sparkles!

I hope you'll look into getting some fresh berries in your area if you haven't already, and savor the little things in life.  

A little refreshment for the palate and for the soul!

That's it for today.  I'm off to wrap a few parcels for clients... Quickly but very pretty,  before the nicest mailman in the world arrives to pick them up.

Have a great week!

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July 16, 2012

Stopping to smell the fleurs at My Petite Maison

Wanted to wish you a new beautiful week from My Petite Maison to follow your dreams.  

That's what I'm doing...  and I'm trying my best to enjoy the trip along the way too.  Not putting so much pressure for things to be "just right" but breathing and letting things at times, fall as they may and be alright with that too.

Going to strive to let things be...  just a little more this week.

 Not saying I'll be able to... but will try, my absolute best, I will.  

Be creative, but not in a hurry, it takes time.

We're having a few days of unseasonably cool weather.  I'm planning on taking advantage of it and working on the porch on my laptop and in the yards listening to the breezes through our trees.

Wishing you a wonderful week of stopping to smell the fleurs along the beautiful road of lovely life!

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July 3, 2012

Wishes for 4th of July in the States

For our friends in the States celebrating the long, 4th of July holiday and weekend.

We wish you a safe & happy holiday!

And, of course, we wish all our friends a great time celebrating special times with family and friends too.

A few vignettes from our front porch today in light pastels, some of my favorite colors.

I don't know about you, but I can't have too many fleurs... outside or inside.  Just love flowers everywhere!

Off to enjoy the holiday with loved ones. 

My husband has five days off and we've got some fun times planned ahead.  We're heading to a little town not far from here that's supposed to have great antiques...
I'll let you know if it's true next week.

And, here's to hoping next week,
I can get photos added to my store
for new antiques...
if our new puppy allows.

Have a sweet weekend!

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